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Bullet-proof, anti-theft, Fire Proffing

In manufacturing technology of these glasses used different methods, but normally using a technique called glass lamination or resistant laminated manufactured, that is a hard talc is placed between layers of glass, so the bulletproof glass are thicker than ordinary glass. When a bullet hit this type of glass, passes through the first layer, But talc polycarbonate layers substantially reduce energy of bullets, for this reason bullets do not have the ability to cross the last layer.

This glass resists the bullets hit by Colt, G-3, strong kicks of hammer and blast wave in its frame and do not split. The use of this glass in jewelry stores, money exchange houses and banks in order to prevent damage and to prevent any intrusion into, has many applications.

Tabesh Glass Company with different tests succeeded to produce this type of glass and takes another step on the path towards technology development.