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Construction laminated glasses

Laminated glass have more safety coefficient than ordinary glasses.

Glass laminated get together of two or more layers of flat glass is connected by the middle layer (PVB) to be prepared.

The most important characteristic of laminated glass is their failure pattern. Glass breaks on impact but the broken pieces stick to (PVB) layer and prevent it from falling so the glass retains its integrity.

Tabesh Glass Company has also construction talc glass production line equipment and worthy power of engineering, is managed to produce resistant glass faced to direct and immediate impacts such as hitting mallet and hammer, bullet and waves resulting from the explosion.

These glasses can be used in commercial, residential and official buildings, airports, banks, hospitals, factories, cabin and floor of elevator, roof, swimming pools, showcases of stores, greenhouses and generally places where safety and security and also reducing noise pollution and harmful sun rays it is quite important.