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Constructive safety (security) glass

As the use of glass in buildings in recent years, the issue of stability, safety and thermal conductivity of glass, is more important. In result of this matter, use of toughened glass to meet the characteristics of resistance such as heat, wind and more is increased.

Tempered glass is done in manufacturing operations, increase the resistance of glass (about 3 to 5 times) to shock, bending, stretching and heat shock. In case of breaking these glasses, divided into cube-shaped and fine particles that are not harmful.

In cases where strength, heat resistance and safety of glass is very important, tempered glass used. Side and rear glasses of all vehicles are tempered. Tempered glass in the construction industry, especially when large dimension or frameless glass can be used in special application. This type of glass for flat and bent in different dimensions and thicknesses can be produced.

Tabesh Glass Company with high ability to produce a variety of application in fields of tempered glass go to compete with foreign products and with manufacturing of quality products has been successful in this matter and achieve to significant results.