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About Us

We are proud that the company has more than 40 years of experience in the glass industry to introduce to you and we want to present our optimal services with enough experience to you. Our company is set in a land of 30000 Sqm and has started its activities in the field of safety glass, including glass facade, laminated glass, bullet-proof and home appliances and puts to provide security and tranquility in building, efficient use of space commercial and residential construction, reducing fuel consumption and energy and beautify the facades as a priority.

Study and application of technology and taking capability and experience of technical and research team has made the company radiation from other colleagues and competitors. Responsive system and support the company's customers has been made stable satisfaction for them.

Hope that we can make the world brighter with the product for you. a list of products of this company:

  • Constructive safety (security) glass
  • Constructive bent security glass
  • Home appliance glass
  • Laminated glass and photo laminated with PVB film
  • Bullet-proof glass, fire retardants, anti-theft and anti-disturbance
  • Decorative and ceramic designs glass
  • Double glazed windows
  • Designing, printing and sandblasting on all types of glass